Biru is an architecture and design studio based in Cape Town, South Africa which balances playful experimentation with technical prowess.

Formed in 2019 by Casper Lundie and Yvonne Brecher, Biru is a refinement of their experience in private, public and heritage architecture. Having overseen both small and urban scale projects, the pair formed Biru with the desire to widen the scope and explore the possibilities of their discipline.

Biru’s founders have a fondness for modernism, but favours harmony over hard edges, weaving the past into the contemporary by respecting the diverse aspirations and intricate living scenarios of their clients. Our design philosophy is simple; to create honest and meaningful spaces.

Our expertise lies in the architecture and interior design of residential spaces, holiday homes, hospitality spaces, as well as any historic restorations or reinterpretations.
We also do selective urban
and commercial work.

We are experienced in dealing with local authorities and Heritage organisations, attributed to our work on new – built and historical projects in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Stellenbosch and Cape town.

Our services also include design consultations, concept designs, feasibility studies and project management.

We are open to collaborating
on joint ventures and have experience in team 
co-ordination and Principle Agent duties.